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Club Membership FAQs

What is Le Club Alfré?

Le Club Alfré is a prestigious, private, members-only institution located in New York founded in 2023.

What is included in your private membership?

As a private member you get access to the following...

  • Members-only products never available to the general public via our "Le Club Shop" below
  • Early Access on all new product releases before the general public
  • Special sales and discounts
  • Invitations to private members-only events
  • Full behind the scenes access via "Close Friends" on Instagram
  • Preview of upcoming products, collabs, and community news...
How can i become a member?

To become a member of this private community, you must first purchase any product from our site. Once your order is confirmed, we will follow up via email with your active membership status where you will have full access to Le Club Alfré members portal.

To inquire about your membership status please email our friendly team at LeClub@LeAlfre.com.

What are the club rules?

We have one rule.

No sharing of Le Club Alfré password.

Any active club member who shares member-only information and passcodes will be banned for life. We take our club privacy very seriously.

Additionally, any individual who do not own product (ie purchased and returned, without having any items from Le Alfré) will automatically be removed from Le Club Alfré. To reactive an active membership status you must reorder and own one of our products.

Le Club Shop FAQs

What is "Le Club Shop?"

Le Club Shop is a members only shop that only active club members can access.

This private shop includes exclusive products available for purchase only to private club members of Le Alfré.

These items are password protected and not available to the public. After one activates their membership they will receive an email which includes the password to Le Club Shop.

Passwords to Le Club Shop change often to maintain security.

Why can't I access Le Club Shop?

If you cannot access Le Club Shop then you must activate your club membership.

To activate your club membership and gain access to this shop, you must purchase and own a product from our site.

Following your purchase, you will automatically receive an email confirming your active membership. Once you receive your product, we will send you the password to Le Club Shop.

I'm a club member but can't find the password. What do I do?

If you misplaced the password to Le Club Shop, please email us at LeClub@LeAlfre.com with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Order confirmation number
  • Email used at checkout

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Alfré's Close Friend on Instagram

Get exclusive behind the scenes access to Le Alfré including new designs, upcoming events, funny team videos, and unedited vidoes from our founder, Brandon.

If you are a club member that would like to be added as a close friend of Alfré, please DM us with your name, order confirmation number & email.